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Nao plays poker

We are currently working on the next social behavior for NAO that will be playing Texas Hold'em poker!

Nao Robot Playing Poker
Nao stealing all our money at Poker.
Nao Robot Playing Poker
Waiting for another spade ?.

Stay tuned

We are having a lot of fun developing this new behavior, feel free to comment or suggest improvements !

Coming up

We are now working on specific vision algorithms for proper recognition of cards directly on the table and in Nao's hands. And it's already working quite well!

Nao Robot Playing Poker
Nao localizing and extracting cards from its camera.

12th May 2012 - User interaction

The user can now place his bet using touch sensors. Many sentences and animations have been added that make use of the emotional model: Nao gets angry when he loses and throw away his cards. He's also able to be told the cards using speech recognition when he can't recognize them.

5th May 2012 - Strategies

Nao has multiple strategies and adapts its game. He's now able to bluff its opponent, play safe, or trick his opponent into putting money on the table when he has a good game. The user can now deal the cards and show them to Nao which takes them into account. Aldebaran's object recognition API is used for card identification, but it mixes up quite a few of them (using a standard deck).

28th April 2012 - Complete Poker game

Full game sequence implemented with virtual cards: Nao deals the virtual cards, bets, keeps track of the money, figures out who wins and keeps playing until one of the players ends up broke.

21st April 2012 - Game AI

Nao can estimate its chances of winning against its opponent using Monte Carlo sampling. It uses this estimate to choose between folding, checking or raising.

14th April 2012 - Figure values

Nao is now able to interpret the different poker figures and value them.

7th April 2012 - First steps

Manon is at the Nao Dev days in Paris and starts working on Nao plays Poker. Not enough time to obtain a complete behaviour though (too many people wanted to see Nao plays Connect 4). However the main structure of the behaviour is already there, Nao is able to grab its cards and recognize some of them.